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Big RED, the Discovery Park based branding company, is pleased to announce its expansion through partnership with Brand Packaging Solutions Ltd. of Crawley.

Big RED with its core focus on all forms of branded merchandise such as Branded USB’s, Mugs, Pens and Fidget Spinners – to clothing such as Printed T-Shirts or Embroidered Polo Shirts and workwear and PPE and Safetywear. Big RED has built up a strong online presence becoming the go-to company for a growing number of public and private sector organisations including Pfizer, Eurotunnel, Vattenfall and Hofmeister.

Brand Packaging Solutions having spent almost ten years as a leading supplier of retailer-focused branded gifts in the UK, having worked with a number of world-renowned brands such as Coca-Cola, Tabasco and Krispy Kreme. Using their core innovation, development, sourcing and facilitation skills gained in this sector, the business has grown to offer brands complete, bespoke solutions that help them add value.

The partnership will see Big Red working closely with BPS on a number of joint projects to enhance the client offer by increasing scope and service levels.

Dave and Luke Tappy

Dave (R) and Luke Tappy (L)

Dave Tappy Founder of Big Red said, “2017 saw us launch our new eCommerce website that has allowed us to expand our client base and do business directly with predominately SME’s. 2018 looks set to be the start of a really exciting time with the partnership with BPS, who we’ve worked with for some time already, helping us open up new opportunities to serve additional blue chip clients through our bespoke product development service now combined with BPS’s Far East supply chain and in-house facilities.

The two companies will continue to operate from both their offices in Crawley, West Sussex and Sandwich in Kent.

Why care about branded merchandise?

Branded merchandise – inclusive of retail, display, or giveaway – is one of the most effective marketing tools, whether your aim is to convey your brand values, quality, integrity, or to simply encourage brand loyalty and memorability. Branded products allow you to make a lasting impression and are a simple way to both encourage brand recall and increase brand exposure. We are more likely to recall something physical than we are a form of digital marketing as we can place it in the real world. A physical product also has greater longevity than something digital. A 2016 study by the Advertising Specialty Institute found that, on average, a promotional product is kept and used for 8 months. It may not compete with the mass exposure of digital marketing, but branded products sustain repeated exposure for longer.

Understanding this about branded products is something that both Brand Packaging Solutions Ltd and Big RED have kept core to their business, and why the recent union is a natural fit for the two companies. This partnership now allows the companies together to offer everything to a brand from luxury packaging, gifting and point-of-sale items to branded clothing, promotional merchandise and exhibition branding.

If you are interested in promotional merchandise, branded clothing or workwear for your business, please visit or contact them on 01304 897 633 – email:

More About Big RED

  • Experts in high quality, fast-turnaround promotional merchandise, branded clothing and print.
  • Big RED work carefully for their customers by sourcing and delivering a 360-degree range of branded merchandise to the same high standard across all branding platforms.
  • boasts a complete e-commerce site that allows customers to order and pay for purchases online quickly and efficiently.
  • Hong Kong office with a network of factories and production facilities in China and throughout Asia.
  • Big RED is the trading style of Brand Packaging Solutions Limited.


More About Brand Packaging Solutions Ltd

  • Established in 2009 and originally based on Manor Royal, the company has grown from its early days as a packaging supplier to a supplier of branded composite gift sets and premium alcohol packaging.
  • Their core business is to work closely with brands to help them add value, through branded merchandise and premium packaging. The team, together with their vast pool of trusted and valued supply partners, are able to contribute at any stage along the process from concept to design and manufacture to delivery.

Further reading on cited 2016 promotional product study

  • The cited 2016 study by the Advertising Specialty Institute is titled Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study – A cost analysis of promotional products versus other advertising media
  • A PDF of the report, including detailed infographics and charts, are available from Asia Central
  • The report expands on an earlier 2006 study that interviewed thousands of people in key cities around North America, Canada, Europe and Australia.
  • The 2016 study interviewed a further 100,000 consumers across the United States, which has allowed the ASI to create a very detailed analysis of the effects and advantages of promotional merchandise.


Branded Merchandise that People Want...

Branded Merchandise that People Want

Memorable engaging branding – that should be your goal!

Clients generally appreciate receiving Branded Merchandise. Most people like freebies after all! Printed mugs, pens, USB’s etc. are given out at millions of meetings and exhibitions every year. The trick is getting people to remember who gave them it and what your company has to offer – even when the companies branding is emblazoned on the mug or pen, people get used to it and they stop “seeing it”.

So – how to get round this? How do you use Branded Merchandise so that it reinforces who and what you and your brand is all about, so people actually want it and by default remember you, your products, services and even what you’re “like”!

Here’s our tips – Be different and be personal. (I’m not trying to sound like an evangelistic motivational speaker here)

  1. Be Different

Being different is always a bit of a risk with Branded Merchandise as the main products haven’t changed much in 20, 30 or even 40 years! Printed T-shirts, Pen’s and Cotton Shopper Bags etc. But you can always go with an unusual pen to stand out from the crowd. Instead of a standard print T-shirt or embroidered polo shirt, branded clothing can still help set you apart. Printed Hoodies with a fur hoods, or branded Onesie’s. They’re different and they work!

  1. Be Personal

Big Red Branding has never projected a serious or corporate image or attitude. What I’m trying to say is we like a Joke. That’s who we are – what we do is Branded Clothing and Promotional Merchandise. So in promoting yourselves, be yourselves!

Proof positive was when we did a Big Red Self-Promo with Branded Mugs at Discovery Park, where we’re located. We came at it from a humorous angle. Yes the Mugs had our name and details on, but it also had a Lionel Ritchie related Tea gag on it. Not ridiculously funny and never offensive but funny and “personal” enough that people would keep the mug and therefore keep our details.

Branded Merchandise that People Want... Branded Merchandise that People Want...


It worked a treat. We ended up having people come to us to ask for a mug! Which is perfect… “Branded Merchandise that people want”.

Luke Tappy, Big Red Branding –


20% Off Asquith & Fox Performance Polos

Special OfferSpecial Offer – Order online and get 20% Off – Asquith & Fox Performance Blend Polos – Coupon Code BRB20AF


Asquith & Fox Performance Polos 20% Off

Special Offer 20% Off – Perform in style at work with these exceptional quality and timeless style Asquith & Fox performance polos. With technical wicking fabric helping to regulate body temperature and keep you feeling fresh. These polos hold embroidery really well, so upload your company logo and order online now.

25 Colour available, classic fit polo, ribbed knit collar and sleeve cuffs. Twin needle stitching on hem. Two self coloured buttons on placket.

Pick up a bargain by using coupon code “BRB20AF” at the check-out to get 20% Off while stock lasts.

Branded Uniform and Workwear – Get your Kit On!

Branded Uniform and Workwear – Kitting out Your Team!

So why not have your team advertise your company and services whilst on the job! Which is basically what Embroidered and Printed Uniform, Workwear and Corporate Clothing is all about! Getting your company brand out there for all to see – whilst also promoting “team spirit”, much like a sports team.Branded Uniform and Workwear

The sports team comparisons don’t stop there. When trying to collect all the information you need from your team to place an order, such as, particular types of garment, colour and all importantly, sizes, you’ll likely find you may have few divas! Getting everything you need to do a Branded Uniform and Workwear order can suddenly become like managing a star striker! Comments like… “blue’s not my colour” and… “I’m still a medium in a polo shirt” are all too common.

Well there’s not much we can do to help on the team management front! However, once you’ve compiled the details of your requirements, you can order online using our simple 5 step order process, that walks you through product selection, colour, quantity, embroidered / printed logo and positioning, or you can if you prefer email all details over to us, either way, we aim to


make everything as easy and straight forward as possible.

We’ll confirm your order with all sizes and branding details so we know we’ve got the right product, colours and sizing. Then we’ll send you a visual to confirm the design branding details, logo positioning and colours are all correct and you can sign off against this before anything goes into production.Corporate Clothing

To make it even easier for you to roll-out your branded clothing to your team, we also offer a  man-pack service. This means we’ll deliver your order individually packed for each employee with his or her whole team kit, making it much easier when managing larger workforces to keep track of who’s had what and ensures your star striker get’s their Polo Shirt and realises they’re now an XL!

We believe Branded Clothing is important, not just because… well, we sell it, it’s also because people generally like to be proud of their team. So it’s good to look like it.

With the industry worth 6 Billion in the UK in 2016 that means one thing – your competitors probably have branded workwear – So now is the time to get your kit on!




Embroidering your Company Logo

Embroidering your company logo

Pretty simple right?  Not always!

The first consideration when embroidering your company logo is colours. Now you’d think most companies would know their Pantone colour references which then relate to embroidery thread colours. But you’d be surprised just how many customers we find don’t, even some very large multi-national companies! Our guess is the smaller guys have built it from the ground up so are aware of pretty much everything. The larger companies it tends to get lost in the melee.

If you want the Polo shirts to match the Hi-Vis vests/Jackets/business cards etc. it’s pretty important to have consistency from the get-go, starting with colours. You want that Embroidery to look the part after all!

The second consideration when embroidering your company logo is disproportionate text size. This is a major one. So…. your brand says “ XX restaurant” and underneath it in tiny writing “Italian Bistro” looks good on the website, looks good on the menus,  looks good on the business cards!… looks awful when embroidered, as there’s no-way you can embroider that small and keep the detail.  Which normally leads to different version of the logo being made – and some where down the line 20 slightly different logo’s end up being used on various branding.

At Big Red Branding we work with a massive variety of companies and sectors. Regardless of size you need to have a “look book” with everything about your branding in one place. i.e if you have a dark coloured logo what’s you lighter alternative? What are the exclusion zones around your logo? What are the rules rules about text ratios and options for that small text strap line and so on…? In the long run it saves time when dealing with multiple branding options and your suppliers will love you for it!

We work with companies that will do this for you (Howell & Hicks, Angle Studios to name a couple of our favourites). It’s more important than you might think. After all, your website, your business card, your embroidered polo shirts are often people’s first impression of your brand… and you know what they say about first impressions.

John’s Journey & Fundraising for Motor Neurone Disease

John’s Journey – Facebook & Twitter  @johnsmndjourney

It’s 2014 in Fuerteventura and John Rawlins is about to eat his dinner by the sea, he tries and fails to pick up the fork…. thinking he must have knocked his hand earlier he tries again and this time doesn’t drop the fork. This is the first small sign that something isn’t right but it’s not a big deal and nothing more is thought of it….

October 2016

Skip forward to October 2016 and John has lost most of the movement in his fingers, hands, arms and shoulders and has just been diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

Dave from Big Red Branding has been friends with John since primary school and along with John’s friends and family decided to start a facebook group called John’s Journey (@Johnsmndjourney) to document exactly what Motor Neurone Disease does and how incredibly well John has been dealing with all the changes it brings.

For those of you who don’t know about Motor Neurone Disease, it’s a group of related diseases, affecting the motor nerves or neurones in the brain and spinal cord, which pass messages to the muscles telling them what to do. You might know it better as “that Stephen Hawking thing” and it’s what the  ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from a couple of years back, which Discovery Park supported, was all about.

John has lived in Westgate, Thanet almost all his life. He’s married to Christine and has two grown up sons Adam and Josh. Adam has just got married and Josh has had his first child and John’s first Grandchild!

John’s been dealing with the effects of Motor Neurone Disease which includes weakness and wasting of muscles, causing increasing loss of mobility in the limbs, and difficulties with speech, swallowing and breathing. Very soon John will be fitted with a gastric tube for feeding, and will be in need of a wheelchair.


John’s Journey’s first event on 23rd July is a fun “Beery” 40 Mile bike ride sponsored by Hofmeister @hofmeister_beer raising funds for The Motor Neurone Disease Association @MNDassoc, that have given great support to John. The ride will start on the Margate Harbour Arm but with no more than 10 miles between beer breaks (other drinks are available) via Reculver, Preston, Sandwich, and back around the coast finishing at the Lighthouse Bar back on the Harbour Arm where there will be a BBQ and live bands!

We’ve had great support from Businesses Including: Discovery Park, Miles and barr, Morgan Jones, Think Big, Angle Studios, Simpal and Thanet Business Network.

The more the merrier so feel free to join us on the ride! Or if the rides not your thing pop down for a beer and a burger!

To find details about the bike ride click here

Sponsorship form: Here

To donate click here gofundme link 

Or Follow us on Facebook & Twitter 

The “How to” of having a website built

The “How to” of having a website built.

We know, we know… “It’s 2017 why haven’t Big RED Branding got an e-commerce website?” Well the main reason we’ve shied away from this was we supply so much! Where do we start?  Big Red Branding supplies Embroidered and printed promotional clothing, corporate uniforms and workwear, add to this – over 5,000 promotional merchandise products, plus all types of corporate and promotional print and that’s before we even talk about bespoke product development!  So the question wasn’t why, it was how to! 

“How, were we going to effectively have four websites in one?” i.e. Clothing, Merchandise, Print and Bespoke Product Source. “How, were we going to be able to make this work simply for the end user?” “How, were we going to drive traffic to the site and of course how would we achieve this for a  viable cost?”

The “How”

We started asking those same “how’s” of a number of web developers in September 2016 and it’s fair to say they were all kind of thinking (if not actually saying) the same “How?” questions and that they were not comfortable with the huge amount of data handling required.

We eventually met with Chris and Simon from Think BIG Web and It’s fair to say they surprised us as every “How” question was pretty quickly shut down and they explained to us how, (even when we were being particularly pedantic) that our ideas and our vision for the website could be achieved. On this basis we decided to take the plunge – it’s fair to say it was every bit as hard as we expected (more for Think Big Web!). As explained above, the site would effectively be four different websites in one and with ten buy processes and over 150,000 product lines, it was a massive and complicated process but we got there in the end.

So “how” did we get this to come together and work? One of the biggest factors in making this work was having a great working relationship with your web developer. We made changes at almost every turn and we must have been a real pain at times, however, we were only ever met with a “can do” response and only occasionally a “no!” and then “and here’s why”.

So as well as having a website built, we’ve also learnt an awful lot about how to effectively run it moving forward that we’re sure will make all the difference in continuing to develop the website even further.

So really the question became not “how?” but “why not?”

New Updated Website Launching Today – 6th April 2017

The all new updated website of Big RED Branding launches today the 6th April 2017!

Over the last few months, a new fully transactional Big RED Branding website has been under intense construction by Think BIG Media and we’re pleased to go live today! We started planning it’s construction back in July last year and we soon realised that due to 6000 product offerings over a staggering 150,000 product lines, combined with the multiple buying processes due to the differing types of products, we’d need very capable web designers to bring our vision to fruition.

In addition to the shear volume of data involved, we had some very specific aims – the site needed to be seamlessly fully transactional, across all our product sectors and branding methods so that a customer would be able to:-

  • order workwear or corporate clothing, move on seamlessly and order branded pens, USBs and then business cards and letterheads
  • uploading their logos and artwork for branding as they order
  • the site had to be able to handle differing branding methods depending on the types of products
  • make one payment at checkout
  • the site had to have an integrated back-office order management system
  • the site had to be able to synchronise to existing accounts systems

Going Live

We’re pleased to say that all the key criteria above has not only been met by Think BIG Media, but exceeded!

So we now look forward with excitement to the next chapter of online business for Big RED Branding and our ever increasing product offerings over the next few months and to the site helping toward expanding the business.

So for great branded promotional clothing and products… think Big Red Branding and for great websites just… Think BIG Media!


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