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Branded Uniform and Workwear – Get your Kit On!

Branded Uniform and Workwear – Kitting out Your Team!

So why not have your team advertise your company and services whilst on the job! Which is basically what Embroidered and Printed Uniform, Workwear and Corporate Clothing is all about! Getting your company brand out there for all to see – whilst also promoting “team spirit”, much like a sports team.Branded Uniform and Workwear

The sports team comparisons don’t stop there. When trying to collect all the information you need from your team to place an order, such as, particular types of garment, colour and all importantly, sizes, you’ll likely find you may have few divas! Getting everything you need to do a Branded Uniform and Workwear order can suddenly become like managing a star striker! Comments like… “blue’s not my colour” and… “I’m still a medium in a polo shirt” are all too common.

Well there’s not much we can do to help on the team management front! However, once you’ve compiled the details of your requirements, you can order online using our simple 5 step order process, that walks you through product selection, colour, quantity, embroidered / printed logo and positioning, or you can if you prefer email all details over to us, either way, we aim to


make everything as easy and straight forward as possible.

We’ll confirm your order with all sizes and branding details so we know we’ve got the right product, colours and sizing. Then we’ll send you a visual to confirm the design branding details, logo positioning and colours are all correct and you can sign off against this before anything goes into production.Corporate Clothing

To make it even easier for you to roll-out your branded clothing to your team, we also offer a  man-pack service. This means we’ll deliver your order individually packed for each employee with his or her whole team kit, making it much easier when managing larger workforces to keep track of who’s had what and ensures your star striker get’s their Polo Shirt and realises they’re now an XL!

We believe Branded Clothing is important, not just because… well, we sell it, it’s also because people generally like to be proud of their team. So it’s good to look like it.

With the industry worth 6 Billion in the UK in 2016 that means one thing – your competitors probably have branded workwear – So now is the time to get your kit on!




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