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Embroidering your Company Logo

Embroidering your company logo

Pretty simple right?  Not always!

The first consideration when embroidering your company logo is colours. Now you’d think most companies would know their Pantone colour references which then relate to embroidery thread colours. But you’d be surprised just how many customers we find don’t, even some very large multi-national companies! Our guess is the smaller guys have built it from the ground up so are aware of pretty much everything. The larger companies it tends to get lost in the melee.

If you want the Polo shirts to match the Hi-Vis vests/Jackets/business cards etc. it’s pretty important to have consistency from the get-go, starting with colours. You want that Embroidery to look the part after all!

The second consideration when embroidering your company logo is disproportionate text size. This is a major one. So…. your brand says “ XX restaurant” and underneath it in tiny writing “Italian Bistro” looks good on the website, looks good on the menus,  looks good on the business cards!… looks awful when embroidered, as there’s no-way you can embroider that small and keep the detail.  Which normally leads to different version of the logo being made – and some where down the line 20 slightly different logo’s end up being used on various branding.

At Big Red Branding we work with a massive variety of companies and sectors. Regardless of size you need to have a “look book” with everything about your branding in one place. i.e if you have a dark coloured logo what’s you lighter alternative? What are the exclusion zones around your logo? What are the rules rules about text ratios and options for that small text strap line and so on…? In the long run it saves time when dealing with multiple branding options and your suppliers will love you for it!

We work with companies that will do this for you (Howell & Hicks, Angle Studios to name a couple of our favourites). It’s more important than you might think. After all, your website, your business card, your embroidered polo shirts are often people’s first impression of your brand… and you know what they say about first impressions.

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